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Software Architect & Full Stack Developer
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Frequently asked questions / FAQ

How much work experience do I bring to the table?

I have worked in the IT sector for 24 years and have a profound experience in various roles and technologies.

For more detailed information, please visit my digital resume / CV.

What roles can I work in?

I prefer working as a consultant, trainer, (hands-on) it-architect or software developer, gladly in mixed roles.

What makes me a good team player?

I have many years of experience working in groups of different sizes and with cross-team collaboration. About 75 percent of my working time, I work in teams of large companies in agile environments. In the remaining time, I realize projects either alone or in small teams of up to 3 people.

In addition to my business-specific training, I regularly attend continuing education courses in communication, moderation techniques, conflict management, and constructive conflict resolution.

I love pushing things forward together and creating solutions that don’t just work but add real value and inspire users and support them in their endeavors.

I think approaches like pair programming and mob programming are very supportive, and I have had the privilege of helping introduce and successfully practice these approaches with several clients.

I recognize that how people work together significantly impacts the success of organizations.

In our job, we solve complex problems, and I believe efficient, value-adding collaboration requires clear visions, shared values, and open communication culture.

As a reflective, open-minded employee capable of criticism and who enjoys developing himself and supporting others, I am happy to accompany you in your work.

What experience in agile environments do I provide?

I am familiar with the most common agile frameworks like SCRUM, Kanban, LeSS and SAFe. In addition, I am proficient in the most popular tools, like Jira and Confluence.

Which technologies do I use?

As a generalist with 24 years of professional experience, I have a broad knowledge and have used many technologies, computer languages, patterns, libraries, and frameworks.

I currently offer primary services on the topics below.

Microsoft Azure Computing Services

Microsoft lists 205 Azure services1 in 21 categories on its Azure products' overview page.

I have already been in touch with technologies of the Compute, Container, Databases, DevOps, Development Tools, Identity / IAM, Integration, Storage, and Web sections. I am always open to learning new things, and I look forward to supporting you in these and other Azure topics.

Fullstack development and architecture design

I can support you on this topic over the entire stack and life cycle.


Design and development of single-page applications with Angular, Vue.js, and React, as well as static site rendering with Gatsby.


I have worked extensively with Spring (boot) and JEE on the backend side, both with microservices and application servers.

I am experienced in developing serverless solutions with Azure Function Apps and Durable Function Apps. In this context, I often worked with Node.js and TypeScript, but I also have some experience with .Net Core and F#/C#.

I collected some experience with python in the past, but that was a while ago.


I have accompanied various integration scenarios in my career. I would like to work even more with Microsoft Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) combined with Azure Function Apps, Logic Apps, Azure API Management, and Service Bus.


I got in touch with a ton of databases in my professional history. Mostly I worked with relational databases like Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. I also used Neo4j Graph Database, MongoDB, and Azure Cosmos DB.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

I have experience in creating and supporting various continuous integration pipelines with but not only with Azure DevOps Services, GitHub Actions, and Netlify. I have also used TeamCity, Jenkins, and Bitbucket.

Infrastructure as Code

I have experience using Terraform, Azure Resource Manager Templates (ARM Templates), and Bicep.

Azure Cloud Transition

Cloud transition, cloud transformation, and cloud adoption with a focus on Microsoft Azure are topics I want to focus on in the future.

However, these are also extensive topics where I still see some need for familiarization. I find the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure particularly interesting in this context.

Additional information in my resume

You will find more details about the technologies, languages, and frameworks I use in the Know-how section of my Curriculum Vitae.

1 As of July 2022; Nerd fact: The number was obtained using new Set([...document.getElementsByClassName("text-heading5")].map(e => e.firstElementChild.firstElementChild.textContent)) on the Microsoft web page Azure products.

Which languages do I speak?

I speak German and English.

German is my native language.

I understand English quite fluently, both in written and spoken form. I can recognize implicit meanings and nuances and follow abstract topics. Reading and writing technical documentation is my daily business. I can discuss technical and business issues with my teams. More practical experience and preparation I would need to discuss on eye level with top managers in consulting topics, moderate groups, or talk on larger events.

At what locations do I offer my work?

In Switzerland, I work on-site or from my home office, depending on the client's needs. For projects outside of Lucerne (e.g., in Bern, Zurich, Zug, Basel, or Olten), it's critical that working while commuting is permitted.

I am also interested in working on projects abroad. However, in these projects, work should be done primarily remotely (close to 100 percent).

On-boarding and training can take place on-site.

Where to find my latest resume?

English resume / cv

German resume / cv

Hint: All documents (website and PDFs) in German and English are generated automatically from the same data source.

Where to find my latest project reference list?

What hourly rates do I charge?

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